Text Box: Vauxhall opel 8valve      thermostat modification

All your problems solved for less then £20!.+P&P

Welcome!†††† Vaux care

To my site to help guide you to replacing that very inexpensive and most inconveniently placed thermostat you will ever come across.

If your unsure if it is the thermostat thatís at fault please look at my symptoms page for guidance.

This is for: C12NZ, C14NZ, X12SZ, X14SZ, X16SZR, C14SE, C16SE, E16SE. 1991 to 2004.

I would assume you are here because youíve taken your car to the garage thinking that it would be a nice easy cheap job then stumbling to find It was then going to cost around £250! Or just maybe consulted the Haynes manual being quite a competent DIY mechanic then thinking thatís not the job for me.

I have the answer which will solve all the problems associated to your faulty thermostat.

This involves no cutting of pipes, no bolts to undo and 10 minutes of your time to achieve a fully functioning permanent result. Because the faulty stat is suck open we use this to our advantage and fit a new one in a different location leaving the old in situ and making it a lot more accessible!

Only £19.99+P&P

You will get all thatís required to do this modification, including a set of full colour pictured instructions.†

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Contact email: adminvauxstat@talktalk.net

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